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Essential mineral bath essence rich in natural extract. Aloe Vera extract helps cleans the skin deeply. It nourishes and leaves the skin feeling bright and smooth. It helps increases the elasticity of the skin and also reduce skin roughness, leaves the skin feeling moist all day.


Mulberry Extract, Hydrolyzed Adansonia, Digtata Extract, Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract, Mineral Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Tea-Laury1 Sulfate, Comomile Extract, DM DM Hydantion, Fragrance, Purified Water.

Key Ingredients

- Mulberry Extract: reduces the formation of melanin, wrinkles, and blemishes. Leaves the skin feeling bright and smooth.
- Glycerin: Helps maximize hydration.
- Mineral Water: Moisturizes the skin, leaves it feeling bright.
- Camomile Extract: Prefect for sensitive skin.
- Sodium Laupeth Sulfate: Cleanses all dirt deeply.
- Digitata Extract: is a seaweed extract which helps stimulate the circulation of lymph nodes effectively. Also burns the fat and changes it to be energy. Leaves the skin feeling firm and smooth.
- Vitamin E: is an effective antioxidant. Helps protect the skin from wrinkles caused by sunlight.
- Purified Water: Moisturizes the skin.
- Aloe Vera Gel: Moisturized the skin and stimulates the function of skin cell, leaves the skin feeling firm, bright, and fresh.


- Cleanses and nourishes the skin perfectly.
- Reduces skin roughness and increase the elasticity of the skin.
- Leaves the skin feeling moist all day.

Recommended Use

Mix the essential milky bath essence in the bath, then clean and soak. Can be used as often as required.


Taking a bath is an easy way in cleansing the skin so, we should take a bath cleanly daily in the morning and evening.

Tips for cleansing the skin

Cleansing the skin by taking a bath is very important for everyday life. Taking a bath is another way for relaxing the skin. There are 3 major things that very important for taking a bath; water, essential oil, and bath accessories. We should choose the accessories that appropriate with your style. However, don’t forget it choose the appropriate type of water as follows;

Hot Water helps open the pores and lets the essential oil or moisturizer pass through the skin effectively. It also stimulates the circulation of blood.

Cool Water helps firm the pores and stimulates the circulation of blood. It also stimulates the function of the body and helps strengthen the immunity against the cold. For the perfect results, takes a bath with hot water and follows by cool water in order to firm the pore. Now, let’s take a look at bathing and shower.

Bathing The important accessories for bathing are essential oil and bathtub. The good bathtub has to suit your height. Moreover, there should be a non-slide plate in order to protect slither. First, open the water and soak in the bathtub, drop 8-10 drips of essential oil or drop a piece of slide lemon into the bath in order to moisturizes the skin, then soak in the bath for 10-15 minutes and see how it can make you feel relax.

Shower Nowadays, shower is designed into many styles such as horizon shower which will let the water pass through its side. This kind of shower can let the water to wash the body cleanly. Therefore, we should choose the shower accessories that suit with our styles.